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Ende Februar hat Microsoft den eigenen Baseball Ableger Inside Pitch 2003 vorgestellt. Heute sind die ersten Infos und Bilder zum kommenden Eishockey Spiel NHL Rivals 2004 aufgetaucht.

Auch dieser Titel von den Microsoft Game Studios wird den vollen Xbox Live Support bieten - Onlinespiele, Content-Download sowie Highscore Tabellen. Damit hat Microsoft neben NFL Fever 2003 und NBA Inside Drive 2003 die amerikanischen Sportspiele komplett und mausert sich zu einem starken Konkurrenten zur EA und Sega Sportreihe.

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NHL Rivals 2004 wird in den USA diesen Herbst erscheinen, ein Termin hierzulande ist noch nicht bekannt.

Offizielle Pressemitteilung

- New Hockey Title Equipped with Xbox Live to Energize the Category -

Historic hockey rivals will face-off this week as the quest for the coveted Stanley Cup begins. With intense NHL Playoff battles opening throughout the league, Microsoft Game Studios announced today its first hockey title for the Xbox video game system, "NHL Rivals(tm) 2004."

The game is scheduled to "go top shelf" in stores this fall.

"NHL Rivals 2004" will have all the modes of play that hockey fans want including single game, playoff mode, season mode and online play.

In addition, "NHL Rivals 2004" will showcase a variety of features including:

  • An advanced stick-placement system with unique moves and countermoves to make the face-off as important in the game as it is in the NHL.
  • An in-depth Tournament Mode allowing gamers to set up an 8, 10, 12, or 16 team round-robin knockout tournament.
  • A challenging Rivalry Mode that instantly puts gamers into a grudge match between historic rival teams like the Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs. 
  • Unique player roles including Snipers, Enforcers and Agitators offer gamers a chance to experience different aspects of the NHL game. Each player will have special moves indicative of their role on the ice.

"The popularity of NHL hockey is based on the intense rivalries that teams and fans have with each other," said Kevin Browne, sports studio manager at Microsoft Game Studios." "'NHL Rivals 2004' has captured the thrill and excitement of those rivalries. Gamers will be able to experience their own hockey rivalries through intense, competitive play, whether that be in single-player mode or with others around the world via Xbox Live."

Hockey fans will be able to settle old grudge matches and create new rivalries online using Xbox Live. Gamers will be able to track individual and team stats, leader boards and win/loss records as well as support cooperative, team, ranked and non-ranked play. With Xbox Live, gamers will be able to download quarterly roster updates, All-Star game rosters and updated player ratings.

"NHL Rivals 2004" is scheduled to hit store shelves in the Fall and will be Xbox Live enabled.

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