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Microsoft und die Malaco Music Group haben drei Soundtracks für das Spiel "Project Gotham Racing 2" angekündigt.
Seit heute sind in den USA die CDs zu einem Preis von 14,99 Dollar erhältlich. Als Besonderheit erscheinen drei verschiedene Compilations - Hip-Hop, Alternative-Rock und Electonica. Damit sollte jeder seine persönliche Musikrichtung wiederfinden.
Ein Release für Deutschland ist bisher noch nicht bekannt. Aber zumindest ein z-Shop von Amazon Deutschland bietet die drei Soundtracks an. Wer also nicht warten kann, sollte dort sein Glück versuchen.
The Project Gotham Racing 2 Soundtrack Series: Music That Drives You
The Malaco Music Group announces that it will simultaneously release three compilation CD soundtracks to the popular Microsoft Xbox video game, "Project Gotham Racing 2," the second installment in Microsoft Game Studios' best selling racing franchise exclusive to the Xbox video game system.  Each CD contains 15 of the hottest tracks from "Project Gotham Racing 2" and features various artists such as Smilez And Southstar, Majestic 12 and Damone.  Each CD soundtrack covers a different style of music so gamers and music fans will be able to choose from the three releases appropriately titled, "Project Gotham Racing 2 - Hip-Hop", "Project Gotham Racing 2 - Alternative Rock" and "Project Gotham Racing 2 - Electronica."  The soundtrack CDs, distributed exclusively by Select-O-Hits, will be in stores November 18, 2003 for a suggested retail price of $14.99.  "Project Gotham Racing 2," the new racing game that rewards gamers for driving with style, was developed by Bizarre Creations Ltd. in Liverpool, England.
"Whether a person has the video game or not, these soundtracks will appeal to them, as they are made up of today's hottest underground tracks that have been hand picked based upon consumer demographics." stated Tommy Couch Jr., Vice President of Malaco Music Group.   "For those who own an Xbox video game system and 'Project Gotham Racing 2', these CD soundtracks will allow them to hear their favorite music from the games even when they are not playing. Having access to the music on a CD will now allow them to take their favorite tracks with them and play the CD via any media that supports Compact Discs. This will not only allow the fans more accessibility to the music, but also offer extra exposure for the artists on the discs."
Founded in 1968, Malaco Music Group is one of independent music's leading labels. Comprising recording studios, record labels, music publishing companies, direct marketing operations and distribution services, Malaco takes original music from concept to consumer. The Malaco Music Group is home to over 75 recording artists and songwriters, a catalog of thousands of original recordings and song copyrights as well as a dedicated family of over 130 employees in Jackson, Mississippi, New York, Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

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