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Neue Bilder können wir euch zu Prince of Persia 3: Kindred Blades präsentieren. Kenner der Serie werden auf den Screenshots zwei bekannte Gesichter sehen. Zum einen ist das Farah, die man bereits aus dem ersten Teil kennt. Im Nachfolger traf der Prinz dann auf die hübsche, aber auch trügerische, Kaileena. Auch sie soll im neusten Ableger ein Comeback feiern.

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Erscheinen soll Prince of Persia 3: Kindred Blades im vierten Quartal dieses Jahres für PS2, Xbox sowie GameCube.
Offizielle Pressemitteilung:
PRINCE OF PERSIA® 3 (Arbeitstitel)

Düsseldorf, 22. August 2005 – Ubisoft, einer der weltweit größten Publisher und Hersteller für Computer- und Videospiele, veröffentlichte heute erste Details zu den weiteren Charakteren von Prince of Persia® 3 (Arbeitstitel), wie z. B. Kaileena und Farah, zwei wichtige Verbündete aus der Prince of Persia®-Saga.
Seit Sands of Time wird die Rückkehr Farahs von den Fans sehnlichst erwartet. Ihre Rückkehr ist eine weitere Verbindung zu den Anfängen der Saga, die durch atmosphärische Rückgriffe auf den ersten Teil unterstrichen wird.

Sieben Jahre sind seit Farahs letztem Auftritt verstrichen. In dieser Zeit wurde sie weiser und reifer. Sie kam unfreiwillig nach Babylon, nicht auf der Suche nach Vergeltung, sondern nach Vergebung. Farrah wurde von skrupellosen Angreifern eingesperrt und musste machtlos zusehen, wie ihre Stadt zerstört wurde. Sie konnte nichts für die anderen tun. Diese Schuld frisst sich in ihr Gewissen – und treibt sie bei ihrer Suche voran, seit sie den Prinzen zufällig in Babylon getroffen hat.

Das Spiel erscheint im Dezember 2005 für PlayStation®2 Xbox® Microsoft und GameCube™ .
Secondary Characters


Kaileena’s origins remain a mystery, save for information gleaned from “historical records” of rather dubious origins.  The most common theory is that she was created by the gods – an unwitting byproduct of the creation of Time itself.  An accident, if you will.  But this is a rather esoteric approach to explaining her existence.  It’s also incorrect.

In truth, Kaileena is a Daeva; descended from a mythical race of creatures said to come from the hidden province of Aresura.  This explains Kaileena’s powers: her ability to foresee the future, to reshape people into monsters, to levitate and use powerful magic spells.  But it does not explain how or why she came to reside on the Island of Time.

The Island of Time is a dark and isolated bit of land shrouded in mist and encircled by turbulent seas.  Through a rather tragic (and ironic) series of events, Kaileena fled to the Island and built a grand fortress there – all in an attempt to ward off her untimely demise.  For you see, she had glimpsed her future – and knew that one day The Prince would find and kill her.  Too late she realized, she had not built a fortress, but a tomb.

But The Prince – not content simply to change his fate - also endeavored to change hers.  He fought FATE itself – physically manifested in the form of a creature known as the Dahaka.  And The Prince won, slaying the monster! Kaileena – who had spent centuries awaiting her end, suddenly found herself free.  The Prince offered her a chance to begin life anew – in HIS time.  Together, the two of them left the Island (and the past) behind them.

And so the story should be over: happily ever after.  Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

For Kaileena was a Daeva.  And even in death she had power.  As The Prince would learn during the adventure of Warrior Within, Kaileena’s remains WERE the Sands of Time.  In bringing Kaileena OUT of the past, he created a ripple effect: Without the Sands being created, they were never found by the Maharaja of India – never stolen by King Sharaman – never unleashed upon the unsuspecting people of Azad.  History had been altered. 


As our story opens, Kaileena begins to sense that neither she nor The Prince have actually managed to escape their fates, merely switch the environments in which events would unfold.

But, for Kaileena, at least, the time for running is over.  Her freedom, however brief, has helped her realize she spent too long trying to outrun the inevitable.  All she can do now is try to minimize the damage done by their meddling.  The desperate, bitter woman we met on the Island is now a calm and soothing force.  She’s the voice of reason – the voice of prophecy – And she will guide us through this tale.

Kaileena approaches events with a cool objectivity.  She’s an observer – a story teller.  Because of her omniscient supernatural abilities, her perspective is “wider” than that of any other character.  Clearly she hopes The Prince will succeed in his endeavors – and this can’t help but color her speech.  But alas, she can no longer intervene.  She – like us – must sit back – and hope for the best.

It’s up to The Prince to finally set things right.

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